Ürün    B5429
Üretici    SABIC    
Açıklama    1-30 litre için uygun şişirmelik, yüksek yoğunluklu PE  
MFI    0,3

TDS- pdf

MSDS- pdf

SABIC HDPE B5429 is a medium molecular weight high density polyethylene copolymer. It is primarily intended for blow moulding bottles of small sizes. SABIC® HDPE B5429 offers an excellent combination of toughness, stress cracking resistance (ESCR), load bearing strength and processability characteristics.

SABIC HDPE B5429 is classified as a multipurpose blow moulding grade. It may be blow moulded into containers for household and industrial chemicals (e.g. detergents, bleach, fabric softeners, solvents, paints, etc.), automotive supplies, foodstuffs, toiletries and cosmetics. It can also be used in other hollow thin-walled parts and profile extrusions.