Ürün    M500026
Üretici    SABIC    
Açıklama    Enjeksiyonluk, masterbatch üretimi için uygun linear alçak yoğunluklu PE
MFI    50

TDS- pdf

MSDS- pdf

SABIC LLDPE M500026 is a high flow, linear low density polyethylene copolymer injection moulding grade with a
narrow molecular weight distribution. It has been designed to have excellent low temperature toughness, stress
crack resistance (ESCR), mouldability and gloss.

It is recommended for injection moulding of containers and reclosure lids. It is well suited
for fast cycle, deep draw injection moulding applications, which takes advantage of its high flow properties. Also,
the higher melting point of the material allows for high end-use temperature when compared with conventional
polyehtylenes of equal density.