Ürün    FPC100
Üretici    Sabic
Açıklama   Enjeksiyonluk Block Kopolimer

MFI    100

TDS- pdf

MSDS- pdf

FPC100 grade has been developed as a new member of the SABIC PP FLOWPACT range dedicated to the thin wall packaging market. It is nucleated and is characterized by a high crystallization temperature and excellent flow behaviour in combination with a stiffness to impact balance. This grade was designed for high-speed injection moulding and it enables very cost efficient processing on the basis of easy mould filling and very short cycle times. It has a very good antistatic performance and permits easy demoulding.

This material is typically used in thin wall packing applications both for food and non-food segments. This includes yellow fats/margarine tubs, dairy packaging and housewares..