Ürün    ISPLEN 086Y3E
Üretici    REPSOL
Açıklama    Ekstrüzyonluk, elyaflık PPH
MFI    25

TDS- pdf

ISPLEN PP086Y3E is a high melt flow rate polypropylene homopolymer with a very narrow molecular weight distribution which provides optimum processing in fibre lines of high speed (BCF/CF and spunbond). In addition, the new conditions in production process offer the maximum quality and consistency of the product. Moreover, it
has two outstanding characteristics: the rigorous gels control during production and specific formulation resistant to “Gas Fading” coloration protect the polymer during extrusion process and final use.

It is indicated for the extrusion of staple fibre and BCF/CF in lines of high speed and specially recommended for technical and hygienic nonwovens in spunbond lines.