Ürün    ISPLEN 099K2M
Üretici    REPSOL
Açıklama    Enjeksiyonluk, anti-statik özellikli PPH
MFI    55

TDS- pdf

ISPLEN PP 099 K2M is a high fluidity polypropylene homopolymer designed for injection moulding applications. It is characterised by its excellent processability which allows for quick, easy filling of moulds and ultra short cycles. Moreover, because of its special crystalline configuration, it has high stiffness and very low warpage. Articles manufactured with this grade have excellent chemical resistance, are easily decorated and can accept different colouring systems.

ISPLEN PP 099 K2M is formulated with an antistatic additive package to permit the dispersion of static charges accumulated on the article surface avoiding anti-aesthetic dust deposits during storage or exhibition. Additive package also facilitates material processing and makes it easier to extract the pieces from the mould.